"Hypoxia response and VEGF-A expression in human proximal tubular epithelial cells in stable and progressive renal disease.”


Table 1.

Biological pathways upregulated in progressive patients.

Table 2.

Array expression values of Hypoxia-response and VEGF-signaling pathways members.

Webtable 1.

Detailed patient characteristics.

Webtable 2.

Genes used for interactome analysis.

Figure 1a.

Patient characteristics: Kidney function.

Figure 1b.

Patient characteristics: Proteinuria.

Figure 1c.

Patient characteristics: Degree of fibrosis.

Figure 2.

Real-time PCR of selected genes in an expanded patient cohort.

Figure 3.

Time dependent effect of TGF-b1, EGF and IGF-1 on VEGF-A expression in HK-2 cells.

Figure 4.

VEGF immunohistochemistry in stable and progressive patients.

Figure 5.

Quantitative tubular VEGF protein expression in stable and progressive patients.
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